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how to renew driving license in kuwait 2024

As you know, a driving license is a document that must be kept while driving. If you don’t have it during traffic and if any accident happens, you may face big problems. ( renew driving license in kuwait) As you know, any government document must expire one day or another within a period. Similarly, the driving license also has a period; it expires after its period and has to be renewed. In a country like Kuwait, you need it a lot because there is a lot of strictness, which causes a lot of traffic accidents. A drawing license should be required when we use cars and other oversized vehicles here.

I wanted to write about the documents you need to renew your license and the process you must go through at the traffic department since the information on needs to be revised. This way, if anyone is googling information, they’ll end up on this page. So, let’s begin.

Required Documents:

– Civil ID Copy
– Passport Copy (photo page and visa page)
– Work Permit Copy
– Your Company’sCompany’s Notarized Signatures (e3timad tawkee3)
– Two Personal Photos, Blue Background 6×4
– Your Expired License
Once you have all your documents, head to the traffic department near you. so I headed to the traffic department in Jabriya. As an expat, I can only renew my license in the afternoon, at 4 PM. Get there early. On arrival, the first thing you need to do is go to the typists, who are usually located near the main entrance.

Tell them you want to renew your license and hand them all your paperwork. They’ll type out the correct form with your details and then staple all the documents together. They’ll charge KD1 for this process, not including making copies of any documents. You could ask them what you have to do next, and they’ll point you in that direction.

2 Next Step

The next step is to hand your paper over to the license renewal desk (it’s marked). In my case, it was located inside the traffic department’s main hall. Ensure you don’t have any fines; if you do, they’ll make you settle them first. If you don’t have any penalties, they’ll print out a paper for you stating that.

3 Next Step


The next step is to have your documents signed by the officer in charge. When I went, the officer wasn’t at his desk, so they told me to go to another officer outside the main hall sitting at the front desk. I swear there was a queue with around 100 people when I went there. I couldn’t see the end of the line queue, and I’m not exaggerating.

While standing there in shock and regretting not bringing my Nintendo Switch with me, I spotted an officer nearby, so I went up to him to ensure this was the line I had to stand on. So I went up to him and, in English, asked him where I should get this signed. He told me he didn’t speak English, so I pointed at the document and said to stand in that line.

So I pointed to the line and was like, this line?? He then asked me if I had my old license with me, and I showed him; then he asked to see a few other documents, which I showed him. then he told me to get a KD1 stamp, which I did. He stuck the stamp on my form, took all the documents, went behind the desk and had the officer there sign my document. That was super nice of him, and I had to avoid standing in line for an hour. So, good luck with this step.

Once you have signed the documents, you head to the driving license renewal desk again and hand them the papers. You’ll now have to sit and wait for your name to be called out. If your license has expired, they’ll call your name out and tell you to pay a KD5 fine. This fine will only pop up at this stage; you can only get it paid after the process. Once you pay the fine, you come back and give your papers again. After a short while, they’ll call your name again and send you to a room to take your photo. Once you get it taken, you’ll have to wait for your license to get printed.

When I was there yesterday, they had technical issues with the license printing machine, so I had to wait two hours to get my license printed. The employees stayed late after working hours to ensure everybody, including the principal officer, got their license printed. They were apologetic about the delay. Thankfully, a Formula 1 race took place last night, so I got to watch it live on my phone while I waited, which was all right.

So there you have it; this is what you need to do to renew your license.



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