how to check hafilat card balance

how to check hafilat card balance 2024

How to Check Hafilat Card Balance

If you have a Hafilat Card, ensuring enough balance is essential for seamless travel experiences across various transportation modes.(how to check hafilat card balance) In this guide, we’ll explore different methods to check your Hafilat Card balance, catering to online and offline preferences.


  • Introduction to Hafilat Card
    • What is a Hafilat Card?
    • Importance of checking Hafilat’s Card Balance
  • Ways to Check Hafilat Card Balance
    • Online Methods
    • Mobile App
    • Offline Methods
  • Checking Hafilat Card Balance Online
    • Using the Official Website
  • Checking Hafilat Card Balance via Mobile App
    • Downloading the App
    • Logging In and Checking the Balance
  • Offline Methods to Check  Card Balance
    • At Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs)
    • Customer Service Centers
  • Tips for Efficiently Managing Card Balance
    • Setting up Balance Alerts
    • Keeping Track of Usage
  • Conclusion
  1. Introduction

What is a Hafilat Card?

The Hafilat Card is a rechargeable card for bus fares in Abu Dhabi. The fare is automatically calculated based on the distance travelled by the passenger; however, you must swipe before and after each trip.

Importance of Checking Balance

Checking your Hafilat Card balance ensures you have sufficient funds for your travel needs, avoiding inconvenience during your journey.

  1. Ways to Check  Balance

You can check your Hafilat Card balance through various methods, catering to different preferences and accessibility.

Online Methods

Using the Official Website

The official Hafilat website provides a user-friendly interface for checking your card balance. To do so, log in to your account and navigate to the balance section.

Using Third-Party Websites

Some third-party websites also offer Hafilat Card balance checking services, providing an alternative option for users.

Mobile App

Downloading the Hafilat mobile app is convenient for checking your card balance. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices.

Offline Methods

You can check your  Card balance at various physical locations if you prefer offline options.

At Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs)

TVMs at bus stops and transportation hubs allow users to check their card balances and other services.

Customer Service Centers

Visiting Hafilat customer service centres provides personalized assistance for checking your card balance and addressing any concerns.

  1. Tips for Efficiently Managing  Card Balance

To ensure smooth and hassle-free travel experiences, consider the following tips for managing your  Card balance effectively:

Setting up Balance Alerts

Enable balance alerts on your account to receive notifications when your balance is low, allowing you to top up in advance.

Keeping Track of Usage

Regularly monitor your card usage and expenditure to avoid unexpected balance depletion.

  1. Conclusion

Checking your Hafilat Card balance is crucial for seamless travel experiences in Abu Dhabi’s public transportation system. Utilizing the various online, offline, and mobile app methods mentioned in this guide lets you stay informed about your balance and enjoy hassle-free journeys.

  1. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Can I check my Hafilat Card balance without an internet connection?
    • You can check your balance using offline methods such as TVMs and customer service centres.
  • Is there a fee for checking my Hafilat Card balance?
    • No, checking your balance is usually free of charge.
  • How often should I check my Hafilat Card balance?
    • It’s advisable to check your balance regularly, especially before starting a journey.
  • What should I do if my Hafilat Card balance is low?
    • You can conveniently top up your card online, through the mobile app, or at designated top-up locations.
  • Are there any limits to how often I can check my Hafilat Card balance?
    • No, you can check your balance as frequently as needed without restrictions.

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