mississippi secretary of state business search

mississippi secretary of state business search

Entrepreneurs looking to enter the Mississippi market must first do a comprehensive search for company entities. You can use this search to ensure that the state’s firms exist and are legitimate. You may make educated judgments regarding your business operations with the help of a user-friendly and accessible online search engine provided by the Mississippi Secretary of State (MS SOS).

This post will show you how to use the company search the Mississippi Secretary of State offers, when, and how to do it well. Use of the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Business Search and When to Apply It A business search with the Mississippi Secretary of State is beneficial in several critical cases.

Before Choosing a Company Name:

Brand identification relies on picking a name for a company that stands out. Make sure another Mississippi-registered company organization still needs to utilize the name before you engage in branding. To assist you in preventing trademark disputes, MS SOS offers a company search that you may use to do a preliminary check. This is a friendly reminder that the search results only show the top 100 matches. You can use the Mississippi Secretary of State’s independent name reservation site to check name availability thoroughly.

Investigation of Possible Business Partners or Rivals: 

The key to success in business is cultivating solid relationships. The Mississippi company entity search is a great resource to have on hand before forming alliances or researching the competition.

Finding a possible business partner’s legal name, registered address, and filing history is as easy as looking for their company name. You may evaluate their trustworthiness and potential for collaboration based on this information. Finding rivals also helps research their company filings and legal structure, which may help with strategy development.


Checking the Reputation of a Company: 

Regrettably, there is potential for scams in the internet era. If you ever have questions regarding the authenticity of a company, especially when dealing with new organizations or unsolicited offers, a simple check of the Mississippi Secretary of State’s database will put your mind at ease. A warning sign that warrants more research or care is if the company does not show up in the search results.


When you create a business, join a partnership, or navigate the competitive environment in Mississippi, using the business search provided by the Mississippi Secretary of State will help you get valuable insights and make educated decisions. A Comprehensive Guide to Searching the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Database for Businesses.


An easy-to-use internet search engine from the Mississippi Secretary of State is available to look up registered businesses. To help you through the search, we have provided the following steps:


Access the Microsoft SOS Business Search:

 Visit the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Business Search website at https://corp.sos.ms.gov/corp/portal/c/page/corpBusinessIdSearch/portal.aspx. For Mississippi companies, this is the place to go for official records. Pick Your Search Requirements: There are three different ways to use the MS SOS search bar:

Look Up Company Name: By far, this search option has the most volume of usage.

 Searching for “ABC Bakery” using “Any Words” might return results for both “ABC Bakery and Cafe” and “Main Street ABC.” Searches for “ABC Bakery” would only return results from businesses that use that name if you utilized the “All Words” search option.

Use the “Search by Business ID” feature to refine your search or input the firm’s unique identifier (an entity ID). Typically granted upon registration, the business ID can be seen on official documents or the company website.

To find a corporation, you might seek its registered agent, someone, or some entity authorized to receive legal documents on behalf of the firm. With this function, you may look up companies with registered agents if you know their names.

Start Things Moving: After entering all the required fields and choosing your search parameters, click the “Search” button.

Start Now: After entering your information and criteria, click “Search”. The screen displays search results.
See What Was Found: The search results normally contain the company name, registration status (active, inactive, or dissolved), filing date, and business type (LLC or corporation). Picking one.

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